July 7, 2016


“No man is an Island”

and IBW Association needs members in order that it can achieve its aims and objectives. Please join us and help us make a difference. You can either join as an individual or as a company.


By completing the relevant form and sending it to us or emailing us and we will contact you.


Because the more of us there are then the more chance the message has of spreading just like the ripples in a pond.


You can join wherever you are in whatever country, within Europe or as International member and you will be helping the work globally.

What do I get out of it?

  • You can participate as you wish either as a volunteer, hold your own event or just be a member.
  • You will receive discounts on events and products.
  • You will participate in the Annual Meeting and decide where the money is spent and which charities will be supported.
  • Get involved with like minded people to make a difference.