July 16, 2016

Book Bank

IBW Book Bank

One of the ways to win against intolerance is to educate. Some of us take our education for granted and those of us that are being educated sometimes do not realize how we lucky we are. In fact many youngsters cannot wait to leave school and look outside to where they believe the grass is greener.

But some countries have a different approach to education and many youngsters are unable to be able to even receive the most basic education either because of poverty or culture. IBWA recognizes that this is a huge task and is aware of many smaller charities and individuals who work to build schools and help those get a better future. IBWA does what it can to support those charities.

All of us do what we can and IBWA stared the initiative of collecting good quality second hand books in English and Spanish whether they be novels or children’s books or school and theory books. All are valuable and IBWA makes sure that these books find their way to the most suitable school or community. We are very grateful to the schools on Spain and libraries that have donated books and to the ambassadors and workers with in the countries in Africa that make sure the books find their home. To date we have collected and distributed over 11.000 books and another 50.000 books to b sent out; every book can make a difference.

To help us collect more please go to the section “How you can help” on this website