July 14, 2016

Development Projects

IBWA helps and supports charities

IBWA helps and supports charities and initiatives in the country that they operate from and also internationally always bearing in mind the aim of the Association.

We follow the principles of education and making people aware and we do this through a number projects whether it be collection of books or giving English lessons or even supporting causes through social media every little thing that we all as individuals do and say can make a difference.

The culture of all countries, the work of its artists, musicians and artisans is highlighted with workshops. However it is the co ordination with schools, educationalists and youngsters which is vital and presentations to students is always rewarding .This will be carried on in every country where the Association will have a presence.

Emphasis is on the young and there is a Youth Council to carry the work forward and pass the message on. Mentoring of the youth and students who are struggling with daily life and the passing on of skills is vitally important and the association works with professionals to achieve this aim and leave a positive legacy for future generations.