July 13, 2016

Donate books & toys

Knowledge is power, compassion is giving


“Books For Africa helps alleviate poverty of the imagination where imagination is most needed – where war and hunger, corruption and injustice seek to crush inspiration.”

— Alexandra Fuller, author of the bestselling book Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonigh

IBWA knows that education is one of the areas that can help promote not just learning but understanding of other cultures and peoples. We have therefore been collecting books, novels , educational , in Spanish and English to send to those e who need them most. We are also very aware of the fact that you need to know that the books you send do actually arrive where they are sent. We are working with other trusted agencies and schools and universities and in some areas of Africa with the Ambassadors, to ensure that your books are used properly.

Due to the generosity of so many of you we have been able to send many thousands of books to Africa. The association has been able so far to collect over 11.000 books and another 50.000 books to be sent out.

Thank you so much for all your help and support but we need more. They must be very good quality English or Spanish books either novels or educational books.

Please email secretary@ibwassociation.org or call (+34) 699-186-127


“Toys are put on this Earth to be played with by a child.”

John Lasseter

The Toy Bank in Fuengirola was set up to help parents who are suffering during this time of economic crisis and has helped many families have at least some happiness. This is an example of how IBWA supports local communities.

You can help us by donating toys and games. We need toys in good condition for all ages. We accept them throughout the year and they are distributed at the Festival of the Three Kings which is held on January 6th

Thank you so much for those who have already given.

Please contact us if you have any toys to donate or even if you can help us.